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October 24, 2019 @ 10:00 am - October 26, 2019 @ 10:00 pm

General Gameplay Rules:

The following examples are things generally considered cheating and not allowed for runs. Note that any use of the following point will result in the termination of the current run or may result in a ban from submitting runs.

  • Turbo controllers or such with non-native functions are disallowed by default.
  • Splicing a run (copying and pasting parts of different runs together) and presenting it as legitimate is not allowed. This will most often get you banned on site.
  • Cheat codes are disallowed.
  • Manipulating the game hardware in such a way to affect the computer’s reading of the game medium is disallowed.
  • Game memory must not be manipulated or monitored with outside tools during runs (For example Cheat Engine).
  • The game itself must not be altered or controlled with outside tools.

Just because something isn’t in writing doesn’t mean it is allowed. If you are doing something drastically outside of normal expectations for a game category, it is recommended to contact a Playtonia admin to clarify if it is allowed.

Simple rules:

Beat the game as fast as possible.

You may have some practice runs before requesting a Playtonia Admin to start the official run timer.

Repeating your official runs are allowed, Getting a better run time will replace the old one. If your original run times are better changes will not be made.

All official runs must be initiated by a Playtonia Admin, Starting the official run without a  Playtonia Admin present will not count as a legitimate run.

An automated timer is used for the official runs. The Timing starts at the first scene of the round and ends upon triggering the final cut scene after the round end replay. All other timers are ignored.

Using DLC content are allowed.

Using glitches and in-game bugs are prohibited and will result in termination of the run or a ban.

Situation Challenge Maps:

The Total Maps for the #SituationChallenge are 9. Situation sequence No. 6 Intel Map will be excluded from the #SituationChallenge due to the random spawn points on the mission start, which will not be fair for all participants.

  1. CQC Basics
  2. Suburban Extraction
  3. Tubular Assault
  4. Asset Protection
  5. Improvise Defense
  6. (Not Application)
  7. Cold Zero
  8. High-Value Target
  9. Neutralize Cell
  10. Heavily Fortified


A player must complete all 9 maps to enter the #SituationChallenge final leader board

The Final winner will be judged on the total time taken to complete all 9 challenges not on the individual run timer.

The player with the lowest total run time across all 9 maps will be named the #SituationChallenge champion.


The #SituationChallenge champion will be awarded with an MSI Gaming Laptop worth 2,000$.


October 24, 2019 @ 10:00 am
October 26, 2019 @ 10:00 pm
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Abu Dhabi National Exhibition Centre U.A.E
Al Khaleej Al Arabi St
Abu Dhabi, 10020 United Arab Emirates
+971 2 444 6900


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